Portfolio Description

Entire artistic production of Marzena Turek revolves around the concept of painting. Marzena Turek-Gas shown her idea is expressive joy of painting with the car tires and with roller – skates: Street Swing, JazzDa Malarska 2001-2006. The painting going beyond the frame is clearly in the center of MaTu’s artistic interests.

Marzena Turek (also known as: Marzena Turek-Gaś/s) MaTu is an artistic pseudonym of Marzena Turek Gaś, who is the first artist in the world to create unique paintings in which the painter’s brush is replaced with roller skates. Since her early childhood MaTu has been fascinated with ice-skating, music and colours, and the combination of those three passions resulted in multimedial and multidimensional painting performances. To this end, the artist constructed a special painting outfit equipped with paint feeders that feed the paint onto the work surface straight from the roller skate wheels. Moving to the sounds of the music in her unusual apparel, MaTu works the paint onto the canvas, creating an expressive tangle of swirling lines, marks and traces. The resulting paintings are unusual whirls of colours worked onto large surfaces: By Night (2007), her largest painting, is nearly 79 square inches large. Today, and 10 years after painting her first piece, the artist decided to divide the large canvases into smaller pieces to form separate cycles, and as such they are presented in various exhibitions. By combining graphic arts with music, movement and space, MaTu created a brand new language of expression which became her trademark. Her artistic projects challenge the conventional image of the painter at the easel locked alone in his study, proposing instead an artist that creates her work in motion in front of the viewers’ eyes. So far MaTu’s art has been displayed in more than 100 exhibitions all over the world. Her paintings may be found in a number of private and state-owned collections at home and abroad.

History Facts
  • 2001 – after observing and recording on cameras the vehicles’ traces on the snow, the idea of painting in motion was created by Marzena Turek Gaś
  • 2004 – she created important series Street Swing
  • 2006 – 1 st Edition Live Painting Roller Skating / Painting in Motion Drivin’ Me Jazzy/ JazzDa Malarska (MMS 1 project) 10 x 10 m = 100 m² M25 Warsaw
  • 2006 – the French report about Marzena Turek-Gaś was produced and shown in 90 countries worldwide
  • 2007 – 2 nd Edition Live Painting Roller Skating / Painting in Motion BY NIGHT / All Size, dimensions 10 x 20 = 200m² Acrylic on Canvas, The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw
  • 2009 – 5. International Festival of Visual Art inSPIRACJE / Space Zamek Książąt Pomorskich, Galeria Południowa Szczecin
  • 2009 – 3 rd Edition Live Painting Roller-Skating / Painting in Motion Painting JAZZ Ride / JAZZda malarska 7 x 14 m , All dimensions 150m², Acrylic on Canvas, painted in The Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk
  • 2015 the first photo/action with large canvas
  • 2016 photos, reproductions and video documentation with drone