Marzena Turek Gas


Marzena Turek Gas

Entire artistic production of Marzena Turek revolves around the concept of painting. With her work, the artist invites the viewer into a visual relationship that, is also tactile, experiential, and introduces a participative dimension into the pictorial process.

She is the first artist worldwide who creates unique, large-format paintings using roller skates. Marzena Turek-Gas also shown her idea is expressive joy of painting with the car tires in her artworks Street Swing. The painting going beyond the frame is clearly in the center of her artistic interests.

In the year 2001 I record traces of vehicles dancing on freshly snowed streets at night. The street lamps cast an orange glow over the whole scenery. The wheels of the vehicles are drawing lines similar to those made by a putty knife. They thicken, become blacker and contrast with shiny white snow. I feel power in the fleshiness of paint. I feel painting on a huge scale! This is my painting connected with space. My painting tools are vehicles, whereas my canvas – a street covered with snow. The image of the road with the winding vehicle traces resembles a character from Japanese calligraphy. Trace, imprint, line and stain have always been associated with human spirituality. Each day indicates a line of our life. We can also see lines on our fingerprints. The line which appears in my large-sized paintings created with the help of roller-skates is like my signature – sometimes subtle and blurred, at other times – strong, firm, double or even three-dimensional. The created image looks like a map of the world.

We all have our stories which bind us together, and we also belong to the same human species, creating a web of colourful layered lines, or even a giant map of the world.

In 2006, in a French report TRACE TV about artist and her original painting, Marzena talks about the expression of joy during creation. (the movie about artist – Marzena Turek-Gas produced and shown in 90 countries around the world). By combining painting arts with music, movement and space, She created a brand new language of expression which became her trademark.

She is visual artist, painter, designer, creator 2D and 3D designs based upon interaction of colour, form and surface e.g Shapes of Colour. Marzena Turek Gaś in her actions and installations is extending notion of painting, involving in her creation process the whole space of the gallery or urban space. Artist is using materials like haberdashery tapes, wind, wadding, snow, powder coating and polystyrene foam, but starting point for her action, installation is painting.